Tube Finning Machines

Tube Finning Machine

We believe in mutual relationship between us and our clients, as we offer quality and earn satisfaction from the customers’ end. We here manufacture and supply Tube Finning Machine adorned with versatility, speed, durability and efficiency you require at the user end. The high end machinery is used to increase heat precipitation efficiency by 5 to 6 times and are also capable of continuous finning. These machines are used to make cooler, thermal fluid heat exchanger and are fabricated from metals like MS, copper, SS & aluminum.

Technical Specification

Type Spiral Type ā€˜Lā€™ Type
PTF-40 PTF-100 PTF-40 PTF-100
Capacity Suitable for Tube OD 8.0mm to 40mm. Suitable for Tube OD 20mm to 100mm. Suitable for Tube OD 8.0 mm to 40 mm. Suitable for Tube OD 30 mm to 100 mm.
Fin Height 5mm to 20mm, Fin Thickness upto 1.0 mm Fin Height 5mm to 40mm, Fin Thickness upto 1.0mm Fin Height 10mm (If fin height is other than 10mm machine will be designed accordingly to the requirement), Fin Thickness upto 0.6 mm Fin Height 20 mm (If fin height is other than 20mm machine will be designed accordingly to the requirement), Fin Thickness upto 0.6 mm.
Power 3.0 HP Geared Motor with V.F.D. 5 HP Geared Motor with V.F.D. 3.0 HP Geared Motor with V.F.D. 7.5 HP Geared Motor with V.F.D.

Finned Tubes

Our clients can avail from us an extensive array of Finned Tubes with a continuous Spiral/’L’ Wound Finned Tubes having crimp/’L’ fins, which increases the overall heat transfer surface area. a high rate of quicker dissipation and higher heat-transfer coefficient is obtained with the equipments fitted with Fin Tubes.
These are paired with continuous spirally crimped/’L’ and are made under high mechanical tension bonding process, in which fin material is bound over the tube to get maximum contact of tube & fin and only end of fins are brazed/welded to core tube.

These are used for heat transfer (cooling / heating) of

  • Oils
  • Fluids
  • Water
  • Steam
  • Air Gases
  • Other Vapours

Application Areas:

These tubes are used in Fin Heat Exchangers, Steam Radiators, Autoclaves, Condensers, Dryers, Ovens, Furnaces, Air Heaters, Oil Coolers, After Coolers, and Air Compressors & in many other Heat Transfer Equipments. Fin Tubes are widely used by chemical, Petrochemical, Fertilizer, Food, and Pharmaceutical, Paper, Textile & several other industries.

Finned Coils

Our clients can avail from us an extensive array of Finned Coils with a continuous spiral fins (without tube). These fin coils are used for U shaped or any other odd shaped fabrication tube. These heavy duty coils find their utility in industrial Electric Air Fin Heaters and Air Compressor’s Cooling Tubes and has easily replaced the old-fashioned washer type separate fins.
These coils can make more Fin Heaters in lesser time, thus saving on labour cost substantially. Because of uniform spacing of fins, these Coils have a very appealing get up. Moreover the total Heat Transfer Efficiency (HTE) increases substantially because of Continuous Crimped Fin design.



M.S. Fabricated with foundation provision and leveling arrangement.


Capsule type Roto advancing arrangement of Tube for continuous Tube Finning and mandrel arrangement for manufacturing of Fin Coil. Adjusting for pitch 2.0mm to 12.0mm.


Geared Motor with variable frequency drive to change speed for various sizes of Tubes.